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Using Gmail as Your Universal Email Account

by Richard on June 27, 2006

I do this. It’s a good tip, which comes via Ian’s Messy Desk.

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Google Notebook

by Richard on May 23, 2006

inner.geek reveals a very handy little Google Notebook ‘easter egg’.


Google Notebook is Live

by Richard on May 18, 2006

Ian’s Messy Desk brings the news of the launch of Google Notebook. Looks good, though the note that it may not work with OSX is a bit depressing.
Meanwhile, The Independent has news of Yahoo’s fightback against Google’s dominating position on the internet.
Seconds away, round 2…
Update:It does seem to work with OSX, though I haven’t had [...]

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by Richard on March 22, 2006

Become a GMail Master
Thanks to Ian’s Messy Desk


Gmail hints: using Gmail for file conversion

by Richard on December 21, 2005

Here’s a handy Gmail tip from the evangelical outpost: you can use Gmail to convert files from a variety of formats into HTML. When you receive an attachment through Gmail, one of the options is to view it as HTML rather than downloading. Using this technique you can convert doc, xls, ppt, rtf, pdf [...]


Gmail hints: Gmail on your phone

by Richard on December 18, 2005

The splendid Gmail has got splendider! Now you can pick up your messages on your mobile phone with Gmail Mobile.
(If your phone says it isn’t compatible, it’s worth trying it anyway. My phone [a Nokia 6610i] said it wouldn’t work. It was lying.)
And by forwarding my Gmail to my (so far unused) Orange email account, [...]


Gmail hints

by Richard on December 8, 2005

Gmail must surely be one of the best webmail services out there. An there’s more on offer than first appears.
Keyboard shortcuts
Sometimes it’s easier to keep your hands on the keyboard, isn’t it? Gmail provides a useful set of keyboard shortcuts to make things happen that would otherwise call for some highly energetic pointing-and-clicking.
For example, to [...]