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November 2005

A place on earth?

by Richard on November 30, 2005

Have you ever thought of the connection between Belinda Carlisle and Bishop Tom (N. T.) Wright?
hopeful amphibian has.


Bene Diction Blogs On writes about the latest kidnapping of westerners in Iraq, this time a group of workers from Christian Peacemaker Teams.
The Christian Peace Maker Teams first went to Iraq in 2002, six months before the US invasion. The teams do not evangelize, and were in the country to document human rights abuses.
What surprises [...]


A while ago I had a go at folk who don’t know their church history and Christian tradition. I specifically took aim at the doctrine of biblical inerrancy and the idea that Christians and Jews worship different Gods, arguing that the latter is an ancient (Marcionite) idea immediately recognised by the church to be [...]


A Hymn for Our Time

by Qwestor on November 28, 2005

My heart still rejoices.
The melody rings true.
The voice of The Master
Is singing through you.
So Friends of the Savior
Stand up with great pride.
The Lord is The Master.
He stands here beside.
When times seems so downcast
In news of the day,
God yet sends assurance
We need not dismay.
Though clouds fly with anger,
The battles go on;
We still [...]


Priest Idol: Episode 3

by Richard on November 28, 2005

So it’s done. The final part of Priest Idol aired tonight. Let me put you out of your misery now — the ending was upbeat and hopeful. The congregation had risen from the ten or so they began with to 52. Success.
The programme began with the ad-men pondering on the campaign they were about to [...]

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Thank you

by Richard on November 28, 2005

Excited Rainbow Girl and Ramblin’ Folkie are two fine people. Yesterday, they were involved in leading a service in my church while I was preaching elsewhere and if the feedback I’ve had is anything to go by, they did very well indeed. So thank you, both! (Thanks to Becky too)
ERG sounds characteristically enthusiastic” about it [...]


Feeling long in the tooth

by Richard on November 27, 2005

Adrian Warnock points to an interesting Grauniad article about British political blogging: The new commentariat
The phenomenon may not yet have reached the wild heights of the US, where bloggers have claimed credit for several real-world political upsets, including the resignations of the news anchor Dan Rather and the Senate Republican leader Trent Lott. But what [...]


What if you’re not supposed to walk

by Richard on November 27, 2005

Mark Byron wonders at the politics of walking around the mall
Many places are designed to be hard to walk to; I had to dodge traffic to go from the strip mall section with Office Max to a free-standing Del Taco (I didn’t buy anything, but I wanted to scope out that West-Coast chain that had [...]


A Hymn for Advent Sunday

by Richard on November 27, 2005

Come, Thou long expected Jesus
Born to set Thy people free;
From our fears and sins release us,
Let us find our rest in Thee.
Israel’s Strength and Consolation,
Hope of all the earth Thou art;
Dear Desire of every nation,
Joy of every longing heart.
Born Thy people to deliver,
Born a child and yet a King,
Born to reign in us forever,
Now Thy [...]


WiFi Ethics

by Richard on November 27, 2005

Suppose, purely hypothetically, that you acquired a notebook PC with wifi capability. And when you’d finished setting it up, it announced that there was a network it could connect to and would you like to?
Is it ethical, moral and otherwise appropriate to click on the “connect” button?
update: There’s a conversation on this very subject at [...]


CO2 ‘highest for 650,000 years’

by Richard on November 25, 2005

From BBC NEWS | Science/Nature: CO2 ‘highest for 650,000 years’
Over a five year period commencing in 1999, scientists working with the European Project for Ice Coring in Antarctica (Epica) have drilled 3,270m into the Dome C ice, which equates to drilling nearly 900,000 years back in time.
Gas bubbles trapped as the ice formed yield important [...]


A Hymn for Advent

by Kim on November 25, 2005

It’s Advent-time, our theme is hope
in Christ who comes to liberate;
don’t scan the sky with telescopes,
but watch the here and now - and wait.
The prophets listen for the word,
and boldly speak the truth to power;
while people think it’s quite absurd,


Important things

by Richard on November 24, 2005

I picked this up from The Bruderhof a while ago. I think it’s worth sharing:
A professor stood before his philosophy class and had some items in front of him. When the class began, wordlessly, he picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls. He then asked [...]

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Bible Quiz: How well do you know your Bible?

by Richard on November 23, 2005

Try this quiz, just for fun
1. When God created the earth, did he make human beings before the animals, or after?
2. Jesus was born in Bethlehem, but where did his parents live before that?
3. At what stage in Jesus’ ministry did “the Cleansing of the Temple” take place?
4. How did Judas die?
5. Can [...]


The Perfect Sermon

by Richard on November 23, 2005

‘There’s no such thing as the perfect sermon’ says the Telegraph, and perhaps they’re right. Certainly I’ve neither heard nor preached such a thing. (Not yet! ;)) I’m not sure what I think about the efforts of Rev Mervyn Roberts to preach a sermon of record length (48 hours!), but it did get me thinking [...]


Priest Idol: episode 2 links

by Richard on November 22, 2005

Priest Idol around blogdom following the second part:
Me, obviously.
Dave Walker (Cartoon blog)
“Tonight’s programme started with some fairly low key strategies which sadly didn’t seem to achieve a great deal - namely the blessing of people’s houses and a churchyard cleanup day. But unfortunately the truth remains that the only times people really seem to come [...]


Priest Idol, part two

by Richard on November 22, 2005

The second episode of Priest Idol aired last night. I apologise for being tardy in responding to it, but I needed to finish watching Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith so I could return it to the video shop. (I’ll write about that another time. :))
There was a certain amount of re-capping done, almost as [...]

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A Family That Gets on My Nerves

by Kim on November 21, 2005

Fundamentalists, ultra-conservative evangelicals, Bible-believing/Born-again Christians - I know that they’re not all the same, but then neither are fleas, lice and mites. There is certainly (as Wittgenstein would put it) a “family resemblance” among them - not to say an unhealthy inbreeding. One of the things that most gets on my nerves about [...]


Women blamed for being raped

by Richard on November 21, 2005

A new poll, commissioned by Amnesty International, has found some pretty shocking attitudes to rape in Britain.
…more than a quarter (26%) of those asked said that they thought a women was partially or totally responsible for being raped if she was wearing sexy or revealing clothing, and more than one in five (22%) held the [...]


Harry Potter & the Devil

by Richard on November 21, 2005

I don’t want to get caught up in all the hype about Harry Potter’s latest outing in the cinema. I’ll be content to wait for the DVD to come out. To my mind, the books were OK, but very overrated. ‘Good, not great’ about covers it, I reckon.
The reaction of some conservative Christians to the [...]