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January 2007

The problem of pain

by Richard on January 30, 2007

Thought I’d share my latest piece for my church newsletter.
As I write this I am also preparing to travel to Burnley to take part in the funeral of Michael Blakey, who was so tragically killed in India last year. I go with a great sense of the privilege at having shared in Mike’s life but [...]


Hymn writing challenge

by Richard on January 29, 2007


Hymn of the day

by Kim on January 28, 2007

A couple of Sundays ago, chilling out at home after a mid-afternoon service, I tuned into the middle an old Mel Gibson flick. Our Mel had just advised a 10-year-old boy to go and spill his heart to a girl in his class that he fancies. So the lad climbs a tree next to the [...]


Why do you blog?

by Richard on January 26, 2007

Take the survey.


Climate-change ’sceptics’: myths exposed

by Richard on January 25, 2007

Johann Hari is very good in today’s Independent addressing some of the myths perpetuated by global warming deniers.
Deniers’ Myth Number One: Scientists are divided on whether man is causing global warming. In 2004, the universally-respected journal Science studied 928 randomly selected scientific papers containing the words “global climate change”. None of them - not one [...]


Phaeton’s reins

by Richard on January 25, 2007

An excellent review of the state of climate science by an MIT professor of meteorology.

The figure above shows the results of two sets of computer simulations of the global average surface temperature of the 20th century using a particular climate model. In the first set, denoted by blue, only natural, time-varying forcings are applied; these [...]


He’s not wrong

by Richard on January 25, 2007

Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.


New Zealand government threatens watchblog

by Bene Diction on January 25, 2007

Politicians put their feet in their mouth every day.
So it takes a fair bit of rhetoric to get my attention.
New Zealand Chief Executive of Ministry of Social Development, Head of CYFS New Zealand, Peter Hughes got my attention with some serious foot in mouth.
And I think he deserves more attention.
Around the world would be nice.
Not [...]


Random links

by Richard on January 24, 2007

Pandora is good fun if you like your music. (Thanks, Randy)
Wires from the Bunker continues his increasingly hostile attacks on the case for climate change. It is remarkable to me how he can be so completely dismissive of the scientific evidence on this.
Turbulent Cleric points to the revival of the “sanhedrin” and a look at [...]


Newsreader to give lecture in Swansea

by Richard on January 24, 2007

BBC TV’s chief newsreader, Huw Edwards, is to give a lecture at Swansea University on Friday evening. The Llangennech-raised broadcaster will be speaking at 7pm on the theme of “Listening to the Viewer”, at the Faraday Lecture Theatre, Faraday Building.
Admission to the lecture is £5 at the door, with all the proceeds in aid of [...]


On friendship and grief

by Richard on January 23, 2007

Wood shares a poignant thought
People die in violence in every second of every day; if we bore the burden of the grief of every bereaved soul, we would all be crushed.
Grieving makes you selfish. When you grieve, it’s like the death of your friend is the most important thing in the world, that his death [...]


WordPress woes

by Richard on January 23, 2007

I’ve been getting an error on the blog today, to the effect that WordPress couldn’t open the comments database (wp_comments). I thought it was going to horrendous to fix, but it turned out to be no more difficult than getting into my web admin thingy and entering ‘repair table wp_comments;’ as an SQL query. And [...]

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New blog

by Richard on January 22, 2007

New to me, that is. And a Swansea Christian blog at that.
Please welcome dizzysheep. Encouraging comments would, I’m sure, be welcomed.

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Wade Steffey

by Bene Diction on January 20, 2007

Further to Ivan’s post below about his missing nephew, while Richard and friends attend Michael Blakey’s memorial, prayers turn to 19 year old Wade S. Steffey, his family, friends and those searching for him.
Information on Wade has gone out across the US, he went missing from the West Lafayette Purdue campus.
While hundreds of students parents [...]


Prayer for Wade Steffey’s Safe Return

by Ivan the Crank on January 20, 2007

We just learned that my wife’s cousin, Wade Steffey, has been missing since last Friday night. He is a freshman at Purdue University. Wade is the same age as our son, Chris, who is also away at college. We can not imagine what his parents, Dawn and Dale, must be going through. [...]


RIP - rollicking in peace

by Kim on January 19, 2007

Apropos political piss-taking there was a great obituary of the American newspaper humorist Art Buchwald in the Independent this morning. I hadn’t heard that this Pulitzer Prize winning journalist had died (on Wednesday), and I was saddened. I remember as a teenager waiting each evening for my father to arrive home from work with the [...]


Some fun with ‘Left Behind’

by Richard on January 18, 2007

Slacktivist has been running a commentary on the ‘Left Behind’ series for a little while, and if you’re interested in the LB phenomenon, it is well-worth reading. I admire the fellow’s tenacity: to write a commentary you actually have to read the stuff. I got about a third of the way through the first one [...]


New blogs for old!

by Richard on January 18, 2007

Ian’s Messy Desk has reproduced! Please welcome IMD 2.0.
Some people are gluttons for punishment.

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VOIP via the web

by Richard on January 17, 2007

Skype is great, but do you do if you don’t have all the hardware you need to make it work?
JAHJA allows you to make calls over the internet without any additional epuipment. Register your phone number, and enter the number you want to call. Your phone rings straight away and when you pick it up, [...]


Joel’s in the dark

by Joel on January 17, 2007

Some might think my views less than illuminating, but now I really am in the dark and the cold. It is a somewhat chilly 44 degrees F in the parsonage in northeastern Oklahoma one-half mile from the Arkansas state line, after a significant ice storm cut power for more than 500,000 in a multi-state [...]