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September 2009

Make that, Obama brings his grade up a notch, from C+ to a B, with a huge qualifying asterisk, explained toward the middle of this post. I first started working on this update of my “grade” for President Obama back in June but cast it aside as I figured out how to be fair without [...]


Climate change on film

by Richard on September 28, 2009

There are lots of places on the web you can watch videos, but TED has to be one of the most consistently engaging and informative.
Here’s a talk given by nature photographer James Balog which shows the effects of climate change through time-lapse photography of some of the world’s major glaciers. Compelling.

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Sometimes I think the world is going mad

by Richard on September 28, 2009

And then I read the news and know it is.
Further confirmation of this undeniable fact comes with the report that two police officers face prosecution by OFSTED (Britain’s education watchdog) over their shared childcare arrangements
The two detective constables, Leanne Shepherd, from Milton Keynes, and Lucy Jarrett, from Buckingham, told the BBC how Ofsted insisted they [...]


Hymn of the day

by Richard on September 27, 2009

Our earth we now lament to see
With floods of wickedness overflowed,
With violence, wrong, and cruelty,
one wide-extended field of blood,
where men like fiends each other tear,
In all the hellish rage of war.
As listed on Abaddon’s side,
They mangle their own flesh, and slay;
Tophet is moved, and opens wide
Its mouth for its enormous prey;
And myriads sink beneath the [...]


Double entendre is back on the menu

by Richard on September 24, 2009

Breaking my blogging silence to announce that the workers of Flintshire County Council can now get spotted dick again.
I thought you should know.


Spiritual discipline: on feelings and focus

by Kim on September 22, 2009

Jack Bernard again, in How to Become a Saint (2007): two bits of matter-of-fact advice on spiritual discipline.
(1) “Saint Thérèse is surely right that holiness does not consist in doing our spiritual practices faultlessly. It does not follow, however, that we can do without particular spiritual practices that are carried out with some degree [...]


All Love

by Kim on September 21, 2009

Thanks to the recommendation by Halden Doerge at Inhabitatio Dei - Halden has impeccable theological taste - I’ve just bought and read How to Become a Saint(2007) by the late Jack Bernard. That God is “all love” is the sun around which the author’s down-to-earth understanding of holiness, much inspired by the “being little” [...]


Hymn of the day

by Richard on September 20, 2009

If death my friend and me divide,
Thou dost not, Lord, my sorrow chide,
Or frown my tears to see;
Restrained from passionate excess,
Thou bidst me mourn in calm distress
For them that rest in Thee.
I feel a strong immortal hope,
Which bears my mournful spirit up
Beneath its mountain load;
Redeemed from death, and grief, and pain,
I soon shall find my [...]


Methodist Blogging

by Richard on September 20, 2009

Allan Bevere has all that’s hot from this week’s methoblogs.


No 37

by Richard on September 18, 2009

PamBG got this first. But I can’t resist sharing it too.


Messing about with Myna

by Richard on September 17, 2009

Daydreaming.egg by richardhall on Aviary
Posted via web from Richard Hall’s perfectly pointless blog


Divine flu: reading the symptoms

by Richard on September 17, 2009

Kim Fabricius examines the two forms of divine ‘flu and considers which is worse.
His conclusion might surprise you.


Yo ho! Ahoy!

by Richard on September 16, 2009

maggi dawn wonders when is piracy a good thing?
All the excuse I need to re-post this spoof piracy ad that will be familiar to UK dvd watchers…


7 uses for banana peel

by Richard on September 13, 2009

From re-nest.
Surprisingly, the list doesn’t include any comedic possibilities. Or as a place to keep bananas.


Hymn of the day

by Richard on September 13, 2009

God of all power, and truth, and grace,
Which shall from age to age endure,
Whose word, when heaven and earth shall pass,
Remains and stands for ever sure;
That I thy mercy may proclaim,
That all mankind thy truth may see,
Hallow thy great and glorious name,
And perfect holiness in me.
Thy sanctifying Spirit pour,
To quench my thirst, and make me [...]


Methodist blogging

by Richard on September 12, 2009

Allan Bevere offers the latest round-up


Hauerwas on 9/11

by Kim on September 11, 2009

“American imperialism, often celebrated as the new globalism, is a frightening power. It is frightening not only because of the harm such power inflicts on the innocent, but because it is difficult to imagine alternatives. Pacifists are often challenged after an event like September 11 with the question, ‘Well, what alternative do you [...]


More on climate change and the church

by Richard on September 11, 2009

Following on from yesterday’s post, the Guardian has another letter on the subject of the role of faith communities in responding to climate change.
My experience suggests Lord May has a challenge on his hands if he expects most church leaders to play a role in mobilising people to take action against global warming (Report, 7 [...]


Climate Change and the church

by Richard on September 10, 2009

Former chief scientist to the British government (and now President of the British Science Association) Lord May on Monday called for faith communities to take a lead role in motivating people to respond to the challenge of climate change.
Lord May highlighted the value of religion in uniting communities to tackle environmental challenges ahead of [...]


The day of the beast

by Richard on September 9, 2009

I’ve just realized that today is 9/9/9.
Are we expecting the Antichrist in Australia today?