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November 2014

“Drum Major for a Dream”

by Kim on November 26, 2014

Above the shouts and the shots,
The roaring flame and the siren’s blare,
Listen for the stilled voice of the man
Who is no longer there.
Above the tramping of the endless line
Of marchers along the street,
Listen for the silent step
Of the dead man’s invisible feet.
Lock doors, put troops at the gate,
Guard the legislative halls,
But tremble when the dead [...]


According to the latest research, “Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’ has been replaced by Monty Python’s ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’ as the most popular song played at funerals [in the UK]” (MSN Entertainment News, 22 November).
This is terrific news for the Church — and Shakespeare too (vide infra). It demonstrates that, contrary [...]


The parable of the two — good guys?

by Kim on November 18, 2014

On one occasion, a young man who knew his Bible went to Jesus to see if he was “sound”. “Jesus,” he asked, “what must I do to go to heaven?”
“That looks like a Bible you’ve got there,” Jesus replied. “What does it say?”
Waving the black book to which Jesus had pointed, the youngster answered, [...]

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Letter published in the Church Times, 7 November
Summing up a YouGov survey, Professor Linda Woodhead observes that “whereas the clergy [in the C of E] are to the right of the population on ethics, they are to the left in politics.”.
But since when is the the political (Professor Woodhead mentions welfare provision and immigration) not [...]


Poppies red and white

by Kim on November 4, 2014

Letter published in the British daily the i on 4 November.
Stefano Hatfield is right that honouring the dead is not an endorsement of war. But the suggestion that “innocent” commemoration is all there is to the symbolism of the red poppy is staggeringly disingenuous.
Otherwise why be so contemptuous of “those ridiculous white poppies”, [...]