Gospel secrets in heavy metal?

by Richard on March 29, 2011

The BBC was a bit breathless this morning over the discovery of 70 lead codices in Jordan

If the relics are of early Christian origin rather than Jewish, then they are of huge significance.

One of the few people to see the collection is David Elkington, a student of ancient religious archaeology who is heading a British team trying to get the lead books safely into a Jordanian museum.

He says they could be “the major discovery of Christian history”, adding: “It’s a breathtaking thought that we have held these objects that might have been held by the early saints of the Church.”

He believes the most telling evidence for an early Christian origin lies in the images decorating the covers of the books and some of the pages of those which have so far been opened.

Mr Elkington says the relics feature signs that early Christians would have interpreted as indicating Jesus, shown side-by-side with others they would have regarded as representing the presence of God.

“It’s talking about the coming of the messiah,” he says.

Larry Hurtado urges caution

The writing is reported as some kind of Hebrew but coded. Until the items are competently read, we don’t even know what their contents are. The items are miniature codices, of a size that suggests private usage, and, so far as I know, suggests a date much later than the first century (there seems to have been an upswing in the production of miniature codices from ca. 3rd century CE onward).

Finally, the incidence of the forgery of artefacts is so great that any responsible scholar must express profound hesitation about making any judgement on such items until they have been properly analysed. Especially in light of the “Jesus bone-box” drama, we might all take a few deep breaths and simply call for the items to be put into the public domain for competent study before more rash and pointless claims are proffered.

I’ll go with that.

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Kim 03.29.11 at 10:17 am

And to be sure the heavy metal relics aren’t satanic, the archaeologists/scholars should read the signs/words backwards.


snaxalotl 03.29.11 at 3:45 pm

and looking up David Elkington, he seems to be a bit of … errrm … a believer in the strange


snaxalotl 03.29.11 at 3:52 pm

also, the Israel Antiquities Authority has dismissed these as worthless some time ago


Tony Buglass 03.29.11 at 5:51 pm

The reporting has been a bit breathless, hasn’t it? “This could change the way we understand the death and resurrection” - well, anything could, in principle. In fact, this probably won’t. If it were to be found to be first-generation Christian, it would almost certainly harmonise with other early traditions, such as those contained in NT documents. If it didn’t, the chances are it would harmonise with what we know of other religious groups of the time.

There seems to be an expectation that something will turn up which will bring the whole house of cards tumbling down - Nag Hammadi, Dead Sea Scrolls, anything which is found “ooh, look, this undermines the whole Christian thing…” Not yet. Every bit of breathless over-heated speculation has evaporated in the light of clear scholarship and historical research.

For the full press release, see this blog entry from last week:


Kim 03.29.11 at 6:15 pm

I’m afraid Dan Brown has succeeded in colonising the Christian imaginary.


Earl 03.29.11 at 6:32 pm

Will be sitting by anxiously awaiting further revelations… Coke and popcorn in hand.


Joseph W 03.29.11 at 11:47 pm

You know, the JC was reporting this might have been a discovery of early written Kabbalah, a month ago!


Ken 03.31.11 at 4:01 am

There are multiple photos of these Lead Codex on the web. Has anyone taken a good, long look at the Lead Codex sealed on all four side with lead ringlets? One side is clearly sealed as if to be the binding hinges to turn the pages. The other three sides - the top, bottom, and leading edge of the Codex BOOK - are also sealed with lead ringlets…or SEALS. There are SEVEN of these lead ringlet-type SEALS…and lead gets brittle when it’s very, very old…and tends to break when manipulated. Which got me to thinking…the Book of Revelation is quite clear there are BOOK SEALED WITH SEVEN SEALS, and as each seal is broke open, another disaster befalls Mankind and the world. WHAT IF this is the very same BOOK? The darned thing is made of LEAD…so X-raying it, or CT Scans, or MRI’s won’t work…and people are curious…..and someone is going to start breaking seals and open Pandoras Box to see whats inside. PERSONALLY…this little Lead Codex BOOK is one teensy bitsy piece of history I’d be willing to NOT open and NOT see whats inside.


Richard 03.31.11 at 7:20 am

I think we just entered The Twilight Zone…


Simon Brown 04.04.11 at 1:01 pm

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