A New Hymn for Good Friday

by Richard on March 25, 2005

This comes courtesy of my friend Rev Kim Fabricius. It is written for the tune “House of the Rising Sun”, but it goes well to “Amazing Grace” too.

Beneath an unforgiving sky
hangs Christ, the Father’s Son;
“Forgive them, Father,” hear him cry,
“they don’t know what they’ve done.”

Two hang with Christ upon the tree
(while soldiers play at dice);
“Today” – his promise – “you will be
with me in paradise.”

A friend stands, dumb with disbelief,
the one who did not run;
his mother too stands, numb with grief –
he says, “Behold, your son.”

In agony and deep distress,
adrift on howling seas,
he hurls a frantic SOS,
“God, why abandon me?”

The fount of healing streams who said,
though men might do their worst,
he’d feed us with the living bread,
now simply says, “I thirst.”

The day grows dark, the end draws near,
nails tearing hands and feet,
he shouts in triumph, loud and clear,
“Now everything’s complete!”

He bows his head, “My God, I give
my soul into your hands.”
The seed is sown – to die, to live –
O who can understand?

Kim Fabricius

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Sarah 03.26.05 at 1:54 pm

Another fine Kim original- thanks Richard.

Though no amusing lines this time! ;)


rev-ed 03.29.05 at 12:00 am

A great job. Pass along my compliments.

I once saw a musician who claimed to be able to sing “Amazing Grace” to any TV theme song. As I recall, He took 4 requests and did them well!


Beth 10.08.05 at 4:39 pm

Try “At the name of Jesus” to Hawaii 5-0, or “Love Divine” to the can-can. Finding “alternative” tunes to hymns can be a great party game for bored Christians!

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