On the bonny bonny banks…

by Richard on August 3, 2011

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doug 08.04.11 at 5:13 pm

Is this the same “bonny” that is in reference to the song “My Bonny lies over the ocean”. I didn’t realize that the song was a pun off of the name Bonny and the lake bonny. :)


Bob Gilston 08.04.11 at 11:56 pm

Doug - It’s the bonny, bonny banks of Loch Lomond. That means Richard is heading south again on his way home no doubt.


doug 08.08.11 at 4:41 pm

Bob, I know. I thought the puny humor you would appreciate. :)

So I should say “I didn’t know that the sone was a pun off of the name Bonny and the bonny lake.”

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