A Survey of Christians

by Richard on May 24, 2004

Via Bene Diction comes A Survey of Christians:

This is a survey of the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors of Christians.  Due to the nature of the survey, it will only make sense for those who consider themselves Christians to complete it.  Completing the entire survey should take no longer than 15-20 minutes.  There are a total of 214 questions, most of them extremely easy to answer (in fact, 38 are one-word items you will be asked to rate).

I think I’ll be having a go at it in the morning.

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timsamoff 05.25.04 at 2:38 pm

Just finished the survey… Not quite pleased with the use of the words “religion” and “religious” in a few of the questions — like, I don’t see religion as being what I’d stake any identity on, but whatever. :) It took a while too. Sheesh.


Mark Vincent 05.26.04 at 3:54 pm


First, thanks for hanging in there and finishing the survey. I do know
that it is long… and believe it or not, I’m one who usually winces when
I start to take a questionnaire too. That makes me all the more
appreciative of your time.

With regard to the terms, I agree. I believe the questions you are
referring to come from the previously published scales that I’ve
included. My disliking of those scales led me to embark on this project,
in the hopes of creating something more relevant and sensible. I have
to include the old scales for comparison purposes.

None of the questions I’m developing use those terms, so I don’t think
I’m ducking under the table on this.

Thanks again!


Mark Vincent 05.26.04 at 3:56 pm

Oops… I should have ended with “Mark Vincent, survey author”. :)
And sorry for the unnecessary carriage returns at the end of lines…
For some reason, I can’t see what I’m typing when I get to the end of
the comment box… browser problem, I suspect. Have a good one.


Swan 05.27.04 at 5:46 am

I had basically the same comment Tim had. I’m glad to see your reply, Vincent. Please let us know about the results of your study once you get there. Maybe you can contact the blog authors again at that time?


Mark Vincent 06.01.04 at 5:37 am

Absolutely! I will post a summary of the results at the same URL (as the survey) once the survey is closed, probably within 2-3 weeks. I will also post on the original blog that picked up the “cause”, Bene Diction Blogs On (www.benedictionblogson.com). Sorry, don’t know how to embed HTML in replies, I’m still learning…


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