Greenbelt #gb11

by Richard on August 26, 2011

Arrived safely at Greenbelt. Tent up, kettle on. Coffee and a chockie bickie…

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Rick O'Donnell 08.27.11 at 1:30 am

Across the pond, I wonder…what is a “chockie bickie”?


Kim 08.27.11 at 8:18 am

Translation: chocolate cookie. In Richard’s case, probably a Mcvities, and therefore edible only if washed down with plenty of coffee or tea. The only decent “chockie bickies” are baked on the American model, and are available in decent supermarkets like Sainsbury.


Anonymous 08.28.11 at 8:08 pm

Kim - “The only decent “chockie bickies” are baked on the American model” - of course only an American would claim such a thing. To the British taste that would be far too sweet and only for wimps. The best “chockie bickies” are made with a digestive biscuit (McVities if you like) but covered with plain chocolate. Far too bitter for the American taste.


Bob Gilston 08.28.11 at 8:10 pm

Sorry Richard. That last post was done from my son’s computer. Please tag it to my name.


Kim 08.28.11 at 10:52 pm

a digestive biscuit

And the man dares to speak of Americans, in their taste, as “wimps”! In a country where people put pineapple on pizza, Marmite on toast, and eat cucumber sandwiches. Figure it. ;)


Bob Gilston 08.29.11 at 7:58 pm

Kim - That anonnymouse was me - forgot I wasn’t at my own PC.
You certainly picked on three things I dislike. We Brits do have a lot to answer for! I do admit to liking peanut butter and pancakes for breakfast with eggs over easy - BUT - your cookies are far too sweet!

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