Christian social engagement

by Richard on September 22, 2011

David Keen reports the results of a survey undertaken by the Evangelical Alliance on social engagement by Christians

The research is based on a survey of 1151 people around Easter last year, and covers social involvement as well as spiritual practices. Some of the headline figures:
25% are trustees of a charity (10 times the national figure)
9% are school governors (0.7% is the national average)
81% do some kind of voluntary work at least once a month
91% had voted or were intending to vote in local elections (the turnout was 42%)
4% are members of political parties (1.3% is the national average).

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Pam 09.23.11 at 8:06 am

The good guys.
Patting my back. :)


Richard 09.23.11 at 9:40 am

I suppose it does seem a bit “back-patty”. But it also chimes with my experience.


Kim 09.23.11 at 10:35 am

Let’s not get over-zealous about the back-patting. David also points out that “There’s a section [in the survey] on social attitudes: 80% are opposed to same sex marriage, and there is a mixed picture on military action in Afghanistan and Libya.” Perhaps as much as anything, the survey suggests how very bourgeois is the social engagement of most Christians.


Richard 09.23.11 at 1:19 pm

There’s much in that, of course. I think, though, that I’d want to argue that even bourgeois engagement is better than no engagement at at all.


Pam 09.24.11 at 12:14 am

Re Kim’s comment: I like being in the 20% who support same sex marriage, and I oppose military action generally (though not in all cases). Most conservative friends accept my position on same sex marriage, although some do change the subject quickly!

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