Hymn of the day

by Richard on September 25, 2011

Let us, with a gladsome mind,
Praise the Lord, for He is kind.

For His mercies aye endure,
Ever faithful, ever sure.

Let us blaze His Name abroad,
For of gods He is the God.

He with all commanding might
Filled the new made world with light.

He hath, with a piteous eye,
Looked upon our misery.

He the golden tressèd sun
Caused all day his course to run.

Th’horned moon to shine by night;
’Mid her spangled sisters bright.

All things living He doth feed,
His full hand supplies their need.

Let us, with a gladsome mind,
Praise the Lord, for He is kind.

John Milton

It will be Harvest Festival today for many of us. I’m sure Wesley won’t mind giving way to Milton. Sing with a bit of vim — this hymn shouldn’t be a dirge!

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Pam 09.25.11 at 10:06 am

From “125 Years of Cooking - Milton Public School - A Collection of Recipes by Parents and Students”

Vegetarian Rice Burritos
2 cups warm cooked rice, sprinkled with taco seasoning
Lavash bread
Grated cheese
Salad ingedients: lettuce, diced tomato, capsicum, mushrooms, cucumber, snow peas, avocado, and carrot.

1. Spread lavash bread with hommos, then spread rice, top with cheese, then salad and top with salsa.
2. Roll up altogether, eat and enjoy.

Contributed by a local family.


Richard 09.25.11 at 10:23 am

Sounds like it would be worth a go!

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