Local Boy Makes Good, by Harri Webb

by Richard on December 21, 2011

When Christ was born on Dowlais Top
The ironworks were all on stop,
The money wasn’t coming in,
But there was no room at the Half Moon Inn.

The shepherds came from Twyn y Waun
And three kings by the Merthyr and Brecon line,
The star shone over the Brecon’s ridge
And the angels sang on Rhymney Bridge.

When Christ turned water into stout
A lot of people were most put out
And wrote letters to the paper
Protesting at such a wicked caper.

When Christ fed the unemployed
The authorities were most annoyed;
He hadn’t gone through the proper channels,
Said the public men on the boards and panels.

When Christ walked upon Swansea Bay
The people looked the other way
And murmured, this is not at all
The sort of thing that suits Porthcawl.

When Christ preached a sermon on Kilvey Hill
He’d have dropped dead if looks could kill
And as they listened to the Beatitudes
They sniffed with scorn and muttered platitudes!

When Christ was hanged in Cardiff jail
Good riddance, said the Western Mail
But, daro, weren’t all their faces red
When he came to judge the quick and the dead.

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