by Richard on February 12, 2012

Random stuff, in no particular order.

We (rightly) get worked up over £1 million salaries and bonuses to bankers. But no one seems to bat an eyelid that the England Football team manager gets paid £6 million. How does that make sense?

Prayer banned in Bideford? Christianity under attack? Nonsense. The judge did not accept the human rights argument and only ruled that prayers did not belong on a council agenda. Nothing to see. Move along.

It turns out that I missed my 10th blogging anniversary last week. Am I now a fully-qualified old git?

Sad to hear about the death of Whitney Houston. Our celebrity-obsessed culture chews people up and spits them out.

Is anyone taking part in the Big Read 2012? I’ve distributed over 350 copies of the book. Hope it goes well - I’m looking forward to it.

Sometimes terrorists turn out to be right.

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Pam 02.13.12 at 3:28 am

Ten years of blogging: amazing! Sincere congratulations - the internet is no place for the faint-hearted.

It’s the Year of Reading here too. And I can truly say books are my solace and joy in tough times.


Mark Byron 02.13.12 at 4:04 am

I’m a slightly “older git”, whatever that means. I had my tenth blogaversary last month.

Well, let’s check-”Git is mild profanity with origins in British English for a silly, incompetent, stupid, annoying, senile elderly or childish person.” per Wikipedia. Often done as “grumpy old git” if Google is any clue.

As per the soccer manager, he might have had a better year than the bankers did; it’s hard not to the way the banks have done lately.

There’s an old joke across the pond when the NY Yankees owner pointed out that baseball ace Babe Ruth was making more than the president. Ruth quipped back-”I had a better year than he did.”


Richard 02.13.12 at 9:21 am

Thanks Pam.

Mark - we ought to have an old timers club. How do you handle the money and fame that blogging brings? ;)


Bene D 02.16.12 at 4:24 am

I’m the youngster, don’t celebrate the 10th until July, although I think I may have blogged at Martins since April.

I miss him.

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