Girl Guiding in the news

by Richard on February 29, 2012

Interesting article in The Guardian’s The women’s blog: Girl Guiding goes from strength to strength

Girl Guiding may conjure up images of cake sales, songs around the campfire and a myriad other things you’d struggle to believe modern smartphone-carrying girls would be interested in. Yet they rushed to join up at the rate of one every hour last year, making it the biggest youth organisation in the UK. After 8,200 joined in 2011, the 102-year-old organisation boasts more than 538,000 girls. The Scout Association claims 400,000 members, Put another way, there are a lot more Guides in the UK turning up for meetings each week than there are people in Iceland.

There is a strong family resemblance between Girl Guiding UK and the Scout Association, but like many siblings their similarities can be deceptive! In any case, whatever the similarities and differences at a national organisational level, it is the local groups and leadership which will have the greatest impact on how they are perceived. What is remarkable is that both scouts and guides have seen significant growth in recent years after a period of decline and this scout leader is very happy about that.

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Pam 03.01.12 at 9:31 pm

Anyone willing to be a guide leader in Iceland?


Richard 03.02.12 at 7:22 am

I couldn’t be a guide leader, but I wouldn’t mind a bit of scouting in Iceland. It’s an amazing place.

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