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by Richard on May 24, 2005


What is a unitarian? Are unitarians Christian? Have your say.

Not sure how it works? This might help.

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DH 05.24.05 at 9:37 pm

Based on this “they did not believe Jesus was God” that I feel is the dividing line. Basically my answer within the post “Whats the point?” is that true Faith in Christ is believing that Jesus is God. Like the commercial says, “anything less would be uncivilized.” Just having fun on the last sentence. :)


DH 05.24.05 at 9:37 pm

You have a pretty good definition of both within Wikipedia.


Eugene 05.26.05 at 3:23 am

I agree with DH. Their denial of Christ as fully God and strictly having him as fully man is evidence enough that they are not Christians. While their founder Socinius was originally Catholic and was even educated by John Calvin he along with Michael Servetus and others denied the Trinity and substitutionary atonement for sins. They gained a major foothold in Poland in the 16th century.

An interesting fact for you. Charles Wesley had one hymn which described Muslims and the Prophet Muhammed as Unitarians. Evidence that Wesley was no Unitarian.

Famous Unitarians include Richard Price (the developer of probability in insurance), Josiah Wedgewood (Wedgewood earthenware), and Charles Dickens.


DH 05.26.05 at 4:44 pm

Thanks Eugene for the additional facts. Just a curious side note: You might want to pray for my city. I live in Kansas City, MO USA and it happens to be the headquarters for the Unitarian church. I pray that Christ will make a way in peoples lives and thereby tearing down the deception and softening peoples hearts to experience the True fullness of Christ.

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