by Richard on April 6, 2012

A Good Friday sermon from Kim Fabricius

Good Friday calls us in the most focused and urgent way of all the days in the church’s calendar to ask the question that lies at the core of Christian faith: Which world is the real world? The world of Wallmart and Westminster, of wallets and wars, of what we wear and worry about, of how we calculate and control, of payback and perdition? Or the world we see through the crosshairs of the cross, where self is slain, slayers are forgiven, the excluded are embraced, and peace is not a pipe dream but a way of life, a world where we may hope that all will be saved, even Charles Carl Roberts and that impenitent murderer at Jesus’ side? Luther said crux probat omnia – the cross probes, plumbs, tests all things. The cross alone defines what is finally right, true, eternal. Once again, Good Friday presses us with the overwhelming question: are you willing to take up the cross and count yourself among those the world calls wackos? Of the crucified Nazarene – are you a follower or a fan?

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Allan R. Bevere 04.08.12 at 1:14 am


From one wacko to another… have an insanely life-giving Easter!

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