Limits of Time, Limits of Self

by Joel on May 27, 2005

One of my significant weaknesses has always been prioritizing interests and hobbies. I’ve never had that concern with chores or tasks. There it is easy for me just to decide what most needs to be done. With things that captivate my mind, however, my interest level far exceeds my available time, particularly because my approach to dealing with my narcolepsy calls for an average of ten hours of sleep per day.

On a recent drive from Tulsa, as I was trying to decide whether to listen to my Beatles CD or talk radio (the Beatles won), I realized that unless I want to continue to do several of my interests rather poorly, I would have to give up something. So I made the decision to stop reading and/or commenting on blogs that are primarily political and public policy oriented to concentrate on those that mainly address issues of faith and justice. I expect that I’ll go through a little withdrawal. After all, I’m a moodier person on any day without my Coca-Cola and chocolate almond bar. Now I’ll be going without a couple of blogs that I’ve really enjoyed and committed a lot of time toward. Ill miss both the postings and the interactions with the bloggers and other commenters. But since I am both a fairly slow reader and writer, I felt the need to face the reality that my best hope for contributing to intelligent discussion is to quit spreading myself so thin.

Anyone else out there have trouble prioritizing their interests? When you gave up one of those interests to try to be more skilled or accomplished at another interest, how long did it take you to quit missing what you gave up?

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Anonymous 05.27.05 at 11:26 am

Surely things can`t be so bad if you are worrying about the time spent on blogging? Or am i missing something?


Bene Diction 05.27.05 at 3:29 pm


I’m going to blurt this right out.:^)

I have a great deal of respect for your comments on political blogs.
I don’t know how you’ve done it.

You get slammed, ridiculed, iqnored…and you don’t fight back. You just speak. And because you do, you often wind up being one of the very few voices of reason. Not many of us can do that. I like reading comment threads, and I can’t figure out how you’ve been so patient.

I know you have to make decisions that are in your best interests and I applaude you for that too. I just wanted you to know that in reading comment threads you’ve stood out as an example of what many of us would like to be. I know political blogs are really polorized, and I think it takes a special kind of person to go to a post you don’t agree with and give a reasoned response. It was like you were on a cyber mission field.
I have no idea if what you’ve said impacted others. I know that how and what you said in the places you said them impacted me.


Joel Thomas 05.27.05 at 8:51 pm


Thanks much for the sentiments expressed. I’ve really appreciated all the encouragement you’ve offered. And of course, since your own blog deals much with faith matters, I’ll still have the joy of reading yours!


No, things aren’t so bad. I’m not pretending my “spot” is of the nature of slave trade, worker exploitation, war or starvation. I was trying to make a serious point but to do it with just a little humor — thus my comparison to Coca-Cola and chocolate almond bars.

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