Litany of Repentance for Iraq

by Richard on May 27, 2005

Chuck Currie offers a Litany of Repentance for Iraq from Pax Christi USA

Let us acknowledge the history of our nation’s relationship with Iraq and pray for forgiveness. Our response is: Jesus, forgive us…

For our nation’s support of the regime of Saddam Hussein during the Iran-Iraq war…Jesus, forgive us.
For the chemical and conventional weapons our nation sold to Iraq in the 1980s…Jesus, forgive us.
For our nation’s willingness to partner with brutal dictatorships when it serves its own political agenda…Jesus, forgive us.

Strong stuff, guaranteed to cause irritation in certain quarters.

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DH 05.27.05 at 9:11 pm

So I guess we should have let Iran overrun Iraq and had Iran be a superpower in the middle east. Sometimes things become a choice between the better of two evils.

I say Jesus forgive us for sitting back and giving in to Neville Chamberlain in WW2 and letting Hitler continue his reign and get stronger to the point it became a World War with more people die than would otherwise.

I know I oversimplified but many times the choices are difficult.


John 05.28.05 at 4:09 pm

Lord, forgive us for waiting so long to liberate Iraq from tyranny.

Lord, forgive us for caring too much was men in the UN had to say, instead of taking moral action to free Iraq.

Lord, forgive us for dithering to wait on so-called allies while Iraqis languished in Saddam’s torture chambers.

Lord, forgive us for allowing criminals like Kofi Annan to claim to speak for us internationally.

Lord, forgive us for waiting so long to provide social justice for the Iraqi people.


Wood 05.29.05 at 2:11 pm

DH - you forgot the part about asking God to forgive the US for waiting two years, until its own interests were threatened, rather than behaving morally.


DH 06.02.05 at 8:01 pm

I will agree but France and England waited longer than the US did. We wouldn’t have needed to come if Germany were defeated while it was weak. The big problem is with France. They sat at the Magineau Line rather than using its military superiority to put Germany in its place after Czech. and Poland were attacked. If they would have acted the UK and the US would never have been needed in the first place. However, in practice, I totally agree with you on your comment about the US waiting. Lord forgive us for waiting and being isolationist in the extreme. :) Thanks for the additional part, Wood. :)

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