Movie meme

by Richard on May 27, 2005

OK Jen. I’ll play…

1. Total number of movies I own on DVD/video
Dunno… I’d have to count them, and that would mean emptying the cupboard. You don’t want me doing that, do you? Let’s call it “some”.

2. Last movie I bought
The last one I obtained was “The Incredibles”, but as it was a present I’m not sure it counts. The alst one I bought myself was “Open Range” I think.

3. Last movie I watched
That was “The Incredibles” last night. Great fillum!

4. Five movies that mean a lot to me
Let’s see now…
“Brassed Off”. For one thing, I grew up in a village just like the one featured (Grimley). It’s a very truthful piece. And very funny.
“Dark Star” Low budget forerunner of “Alien” and (I think) John Carpenter’s first film. The special effects reflect the budget, but its got an intelligent script that tells a bizarre story believably.
“The Life of Brian” The Monty Python team at the peak of their form. Huge fun. This film has given us so many great moments. Blessed are the cheesemakers… spare a shekel for an ex-leper… He’s not the messiah, he’s just a very naughty boy… Romanes eunt domus… Priceless! I’m smiling just thinking about it.
“Star Wars” Sorry guys. I know it’s not one of the greatest films by any objective standard, but who’s trying to be objective? I just love it. “Watch your mouth kid, or you’re gonna find yourself floating home.” They never should have messed about with it though. All that digital stuff has added some gloss, but taken away the humanity.
“Shrek” There just aren’t the superlatives.

5. Tag 3 other people.
Who might pass by this way, I wonder.
Let’s see if Randy McRoberts, John and Andrew Careaga will notice the invitation.

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Andrew Careaga 05.28.05 at 4:48 pm

I noticed, and I’ll play, but not until after the Memorial Day holiday. Thanks for the invite! - AC


jeff east 05.31.05 at 8:08 pm

Amazing. I have just bought “The Incredibles”
(I love it), I also own “Open Range” (”What can we do, we are just drovers?” “You’re Men Ain’t you!”) and one of my all time favorite movies is “In Search of the Holy Grail”, another of Monty Pythons crazy films. We have a lot in common I guess. Maybe I will have to focus more on that than the differences. naa…

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