5 ways to run your own blog

by Richard on May 2, 2012

Starting a blog has never been easier, but I’ve had a few conversations recently about the options. Whatever kind of blog you want to run, one of these 5 will suit you.

  • WordPress.com
    In the world of self-hosted blogs, WordPress is king. If you don’t want the fuss of rinstalling and managing the wordpress software on a server yourself, this free hosted version will do you nicely. Lots of options for how the blog will look and very good control over comments, which all help to keep the horrid spammers at bay It’s very hard to find something negative to say: it’s what I would use if I was starting out again.
  • blogspot.com
    There are very few areas of the internet which do not have Google’s fingerprints on them: blogspot is the big G’s corner of the blogosphere. Chances are you’ve already got an account. It isn’t as good as WordPress at dealing with comments and there aren’t as many formatting options. But it does the job, and millions of people rely on it. You could hardly call it a bad choice.
  • tumblr
    A bit of an oddity, I found it confusing at first but have grown to appreciate it. Tumblr plays very nicely with twitter and Facebook, so if you’re already in to social networking it could be a good choice. Has a ‘hip’ image which won’t suit everyone: I doubt it’s the place to run a serious academic blog, for example. But I could be wrong. example
  • Posterous
    If what you want is the ability to get your content out easily and with little fuss, I’ve got no hesitation in recommending Posterous. It’s designed around blogging by email. Attach pictures or other media, and Posterous will handle setting it all out nicely. Your blog will look simple and clean and you won’t ever be troubled about templates and other complications. example
  • Jux
    The new kid on the blog, and hippest of them all. Jux’s main selling point is it’s beauty. It has some similarities with Tumblr, but to my mind is even less suited to ‘wordy’ blog posts. If you think your content will be pithy or visual, Jux might be for you. example

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Pam 05.02.12 at 11:20 pm

I’ve thought about starting my own blog but some issues for me:

1. I am technologically challenged.
2. People may misunderstand what I am saying.
3. My choice of visuals may not be suitable.
4. I’m stung by rejection.
5. I may need expensive therapy to cope with no. 4.


Richard 05.03.12 at 8:12 am

If not having your own blog makes it more likely you’ll comment here, I’m glad you don’t have your own blog, Pam.


Pam 05.03.12 at 9:55 am

So nos. 4 & 5 aren’t an issue for me at connexions.
Thanks Master Blogger.


Richard 05.03.12 at 10:09 am

You’re welcome Grasshopper.

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