A nun walks in to a wholefood shop…

by Richard on May 30, 2012

Olive oil is in the news as oversupply has caused plummeting prices. This is a serious matter, but it reminds me of an incident that happened back in the days when I had a proper job. (They made me work 5 days a week and everything!)

I was working in a co-operative, dealing in nuts, grains, dried fruit, that sort of thing. Among our best customers were the nuns of a nearby Benedictine Priory. They would phone in an order, we would pick it and a couple of nuns would come to collect it. Every once in a while the Mother Superior would fancy a trip out, so she would come with them and on these occasions she would take some time to look round our store.

During one of these visits I was working the shop floor, replenishing the stock on shelves. I noticed the old lady standing by the stand where we had our various vegetable oils. She had a puzzled look on her face.

“Can I help you, Mother?” I asked politely.

Her eyes twinkled. “Yes, young man.” She points at the olive oil. “We are virgins. But what is an extra virgin?”

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Pam 05.30.12 at 8:39 am

I’m not sure what I’m more surprised at.

Richard with a ‘proper’ job or Mother Superior’s question (a most astute one).


Kim 05.30.12 at 9:18 am

Richard Branson?


Pam 05.30.12 at 9:37 am


It’s difficult to imagine Richard B working in a co-op. QANTAS knows that only too well. Even if it it’s present CEO is an Irishman!


Richard 05.30.12 at 2:45 pm

My mother refuses to believe that I’ve ever had a proper job, so you’re in good company Pam.


Pam 05.31.12 at 11:13 pm

The bond between mother and son is a close one (or should be). I know my son is ‘the apple of my eye’ - and my name is definitely not Mary!
I thank you most sincerely for your ministry towards me Richard. And I like to think I’ve passed some of my incredible wisdom on to you. We have a shared bond - we are learning how it is to love Jesus. No easy task.


Richard 06.01.12 at 8:41 am

I’m grateful for your wisdom, of course Pam. Especially your poetic treasure-store.

Is the Diamond Jubilee being celebrated in Oz?


Pam 06.01.12 at 9:17 am

It’s been on the nightly news. Just saw ex-PM John Howard receiving some award from Her Maj!
We’ll be in Thailand (which is a monarchy) for next couple of weeks so not sure what coverage will go on there.

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