A little bit of patriotism

by Richard on June 10, 2012

It’s been a funny old week, involving getting wet at regular intervals. The British summer! Although I’m not much of a lad for flag-waving and so on, I have to say that the Jubilee celebrations were a bit of a highlight. I spent last weekend camping with my scout group. We built a beacon at Caergwrle Castle on Monday - a 12 foot pyramid (more or less) of pallets and dry high. Carting that quantity of stuff up the hill was a logistical challenge, but having a quad bike and trailer helped enormously. We were part of the official chain of Diamond Jubilee beacons and when 10pm approached it began to feel like a bit of a responsibility.

The thing was, we hadn’t really intended it as a public event. It’s not so much that we didn’t want folk to be there so much as the thought of having to marshal a crowd with a big fire burning. In the end, though, there was a real festival atmosphere with about 150 people climbing the hill to join in the fun. We saw the smoke from the Moel Famau beacon rising above Hope Mountain just after 10pm and it is strange to me how the excitement began to rise. Our appointed time was 10.10pm, so there was just time to do a last walk round safety-check before I got the privilege of lighting up.

Caergwrle Castle Jubilee Beacon

In just a few seconds the beacon was blazing!

Caergwrle Castle Diamond Jubilee Beacon

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Mark Byron 06.12.12 at 3:18 am

For all the problems her kids have had, the Queen is a class act. Hats off for her 60 years in charge and may she tack a few decades more on.

My Anglophile wife notes that she has about 3.3 years to go to break Victoria’s record for longest-serving British monarch. She’s in good health and should make that with ease.


Richard 06.12.12 at 7:10 am

I shouldn’t be at all surprised if we’re celebrating a platinum jubilee in 2022. I’d have to build a really big fire for that!


Kim 06.12.12 at 7:41 am

On the Sunday of the Jubilee, I reminded my folk of another commemoration this year — the 350th anniversary of the Great Ejectment of 1662 (which included 150 minsters here in Wales), for which Lilibet’s forefather Charles II was responsible. I also reminded them of what had happened to his dad Chuck I — for “high treason”. Not that the weather needed my help to rain on the royal parade!

Then I congratulated the Queen, wished her well, and later we prayed for her and her family. I added how much I admired the way the British do patriotism, so understated. Americans don’t do “a little bit of patriotism”. Were we in charge of the Jubilee festivities, we’d have distributed free pistols to children.

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