Stop blaming the poor say churches

by Richard on June 14, 2012

The Methodist Church, Baptist Union of Great Britain and United Reformed Church are accusing the Government of continuing a trend of blaming the poor as new proposals to redefine poverty are announced.

“These proposals risk further stigmatising the poor in the eyes of voters and the media,” said Paul Morrison, Public Issues Adviser for the Methodist Church. “It is universally acknowledged that poverty is a relative concept. These proposals seek to undermine the idea that relative poverty matters, by focusing on other issues. At its worst it will seek to measure the ‘faults’ of the poor, further blaming them for poverty.

“We are called to stand alongside the poorest and most vulnerable in society. By focusing on issues like addiction, which only affects a tiny minority of people who are poor, the Government is blaming the poor for poverty and detracting from the real issues. Recession, low pay and decreasing benefits are driving poverty and none of these are the fault of the poor.”

In 2006, Prime Minister David Cameron promised to measure poverty in relative terms, which take account of what people need to live on. But announcements made today signal a definitive shift away from this focus, with plans to measure poverty in terms of drug addiction, homelessness and unemployment, rather than income levels.

“These new measures relate more to the Government’s perception of poor people than to the real scale of poverty,” added Mr Morrison. “Factors like addiction are important, but they are not a measure of poverty.”

The Churches support the Living Wage Campaign, which calls for every worker in the country to be able to earn enough to provide their family with the essentials of life.


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d 06.15.12 at 2:16 pm

The leading cause of poverty in the USA (women and children) are children born out of wedlock and absent fathers.
The US spent 834 million dollars on abortions in 2005 and 337 million on planned parenthood services. That is over 1 billion dollars.
Those that pay Federal Income Tax and have dependent children are given an allowance for falling in the poverty level and many receive a refund even if they have never paid Federal Tax.
We are now funding or subsidizing cell phone service, property tax, rents, utilities, medical costs, housing and education for the poor.

No amount of money will stop the moral decline of a nation which leads to poverty. No amount of money will stop unplanned pregnancy and irresponsible behavior. If money where the answer we would not be where we are today.
Public schools have been teaching birth control for a long time and it is not working.
Today we have the added burden of government spending out of control and more people falling into poverty.

Have you been watching what is going on in Greece?
The orphanages are overflowing and families are living in the streets because the government can not continue to support the welfare state.
IF the USA does not start preaching personal responsibility and stop supporting those able bodied persons that should be supporting themselves, we will find ourselves in the same situation as Greece.
There will be nothing left for those that are truly disabled, sick, old and handicapped that can not work.


Kim 06.16.12 at 3:25 am

d = dh - h (who has learned to spell)? Wonderfully d-ickensian.


Tony Buglass 06.20.12 at 9:38 am

I suspect the leading cause of poverty in the US, as elsewhere, is the huge amount of wealth sucked up by the very rich and NOT trickled down. It was reported recently that the wealth of the top 1000 in the UK has in a short time increased by the same amount as the national deficit which is supposed to be wrecking our economy. And it DOESN’T trickle down.

Yet another case of blaming the poor for their poverty.

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