by Mike on May 29, 2004

I hate goodbyes.

I think everyone does. It’s nice to think that at least you’ll always have the memories. But when you’ve missed out on the memories that you could have had, you can’t help but feel a little saddened.

To think what could have been is a dangerous thing; it helps no one. But how do you think otherwise when you have to forget the one person you’d like to stay? How do you feel when you’ve just said goodbye? How can you not think of what you’ll miss?

All these questions and I have no answers. I suppose that’s why I have all these questions. And what would I do with the answers? There’s another question.

Regardless, I hate goodbyes.

Especially this one.

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Richard 05.29.04 at 2:11 pm

Err… Umm…
I know I should make some comment, but I don’t know what to say Mike. If we were face to face, I’d give an encouraging nod and make that “counsellor’s grunt” that means “Would you like to say any more about this?”


Swan 05.29.04 at 5:36 pm

Does this mean you are leaving this blog, Mike? You haven’t said who or what you are saying goodbye to.


Anonymous 03.14.05 at 8:28 pm

You can also check the sites about… Thanks!!!


Ang cathsoc swansea uni. 12.06.06 at 12:15 am

As I sit here i have just recieved an email from Ethiopia from our dear Saba who followed the same degree course with Mike and she was sent this blog from Ireland by one of the nuns in her order (Blogs written by a Methodist minister in Swansea). These words of Mikes are prophetic, and it is so difficult to understand the acts that followed. I try and will continue to remeber Mike in his invovement with cathsoc; his copious cups of tea; his presence in the chaplaincy; his times at my home; his smile; his quietness and his love of the people in India where he worked. I have also been sent by Saba a copy of Mikes thoughts on peace and especially inner peace oh Mikey even now you speak sense, it is true for me that this inner peace that eludes me. Take great care Mike and may you find everlasting peace and rest.

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