Methodists affirm Christian Aid Parliamentary Briefing

by Richard on July 4, 2012

The Methodist Conference today affirmed the following resolution (”Notice of Motion” in Methodist-speak)

In view of the continued building of illegal Israeli settlements on Occupied land, as well as the repeated condemnation this has received from the UK Government, the Conference:

  • Notes that these settlements are illegal under Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, as confirmed by the advisory opinion of the International court of Justice.
  • Joins with the Quaker in Britain in welcoming the June2012 Parliamentary Briefing of Christian Aid which calls on the Government to introduce legislation to end the trade in products from illegal Israeli settlements.
  • Continues to work and pray for peace and justice for all the peoples of the Holy Land

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Ric 07.06.12 at 2:58 am

If the Palestinian Authority wants Israeli settlements in Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem to stop expanding, let it draw boundaries on a map of former Palestinian Mandate beyond which it renounces all territorial claims in perpetuity. Any boundaries, even inside the Green Line. Then negotiations can move forward. We need to follow the model of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement where the Republic of Ireland officially renounced its claim to Northern Ireland. As long as everything, even Gush Dan and Sharon, is ‘up for grabs’, the deadlock will continue and Arab intransigence will benefit Israel.

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