BSA continues homosexual ban

by Richard on July 17, 2012

I’m very sorry to learn that a commission set up by the Boy Scouts of America has decided to continue the organisation’s ban on homosexuals.

Scouting was founded to be an inclusive movement which would break down barriers of class and race, and it is surely right to extend this to matters of sexuality. In Britain, the Scout Association operates a strict policy of non-discrimination. I quote from the factsheet Being Gay with an Adult Role in Scouting (pdf)

A leader’s sexual orientation has no bearing on their suitability to fulfil a role in Scouting.
Whatever role an adult chooses to take in Scouting, they must always act in accordance with
the Associations Policies and Rules.

The Scout Association has, for many years, had an Equal Opportunities Policy. This policy sets out the Scout Association’s view on such matters including the acceptance and support of being gay and having an adult role in Scouting.
“There is no basis on which any volunteer offering his or her services in any capacity can be refused an appointment in, or
Membership of, the Movement on the grounds of heterosexual or homosexual orientation. Homosexuality has been
perceived as incompatible with Scouting by some people (both within and outside The Scout Association) on the basis of a presumed link between homosexuality and paedophilia. This perception has been used to deny homosexual people the
chance to work with young people as Scout Leaders. There is no link between homosexuality and paedophilia, and therefore there is no justification for restricting Membership on this basis.”

The Scout Association guidelines are clear, nonnegotiable and support individual members regardless of their sexual orientation.

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