An abdication of leadership #bsa

by Richard on July 18, 2012

Richard Cohen hits several nails on the head in his analysis of the Boy Scouts of America’s decision to continue its ban on homosexual participation.

The Boy Scouts of America just the other day reaffirmed its policy of banning openly gay boys from being members. The organization also continued its ban on gays or lesbians serving as leaders. The Scouts, in other words, came down squarely in favor of homophobia, which is a form of bigotry. Its ban strongly suggested that homosexuals are dangerous perverts who should not be allowed to hang around the campfire or, as leaders, will Pied Piper the boys of America into the gay life. …

…it is an astounding abdication of leadership, the very quality the Boy Scouts extols, for the BSA to side with ignorance and (unjustified) fear and add its voice to those of the bigots. If I were still the young parent I once was, I would not let my son become a Scout. In my neck of the woods, we don’t care where moss grows. We do care about homophobia. It grows wherever good people do not oppose it.

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Avraham Reiss 07.19.12 at 9:34 am

“The Scouts, in other words, came down squarely in favor of homophobia, which is a form of bigotry.”

Not really my bailiwick, but this “homophobia” thing has to be one of the more successful ’spins’ of the 20th century! “phobia” means fear, the implication being that people are afraid of the unknown regarding homosexuals, and that given proper “education” the fear can be shown to be meaningless, and overcome. Setting up a scarecrow in order to knock it down!

I am not afraid of homosexuals - my feelings are of disgust and revulsion. When the OT says that anyone performing a homosexual act has forfeited the right to live, I fail to understand how anyone believing in the OT can think otherwise.


Richard 07.19.12 at 10:27 am

To some extent, I agree with you Avraham. I’m not convinced that ‘homophobia’ is always strictly the correct word based on its etymology. (Not that english words remain confined by their etymology!) Something like homo-odium might be more appropriate. Mind you, my Latin is poor to non-existent, so I’m open to correction.

In this case, though, homophobia is exactly the right word. The argument in favour of the BSA’s stance seems to rest entirely on the fear that homosexuals in scouting would inevitably corrupt the young. It is based on the erroneous perceived association between homosexuality and child abuse. (I reject the word paedophilia) Since these fears are baseless, the argument is baseless.

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