PR perils

by Richard on July 20, 2012

In today’s Church Times >> Andrew Brown: PR Perils of occupation*

I’d rather be an Arab civilian in Israel right now than one in Syria; I would also rather be an exploited Somali refugee in Tel Aviv than one enslaved for ransom by the Bedouin in Sinai. But what does undercut a great deal of pro-Israel propaganda is one fact on which everyone agrees: that there is no more effective means of producing pro-Palestinian activists than a few weeks spent living alongside the Palestinians under Israeli occupation.

When you think how Londoners are going to react to the mere inconvenience of our city’s occupation by the Olympics for a couple of weeks, it’s surprising that so few of the EAPPI volunteers come back with unbalanced views on Israel v. Palestine.

*Sadly, the full article is behind a paywall

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Yr Ieithydd 07.21.12 at 8:01 am

Re footnote, only for a week I believe.

Wonder what would happen if a Pro Israel person did EAPPI?


Richard 07.21.12 at 2:39 pm

That’s a good question. I wonder if it has ever happened?

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