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by Richard on October 7, 2012

Pretending to be a Preacher says “The church is your neighbour too.”

Mr John Cooper has an attack of the Gilbert and Sullivans, proclaiming himself the very model of a modern methodist. Who’d argue?

The Conversation offers evidence that people are intuitively co-operative.

Did Pulpit Freedom Sunday have much impact where you are? I’d got no idea that pulpits were being oppressed. I’m wondering if there’s any intention to set lecterns free too?

Curiously moving video: This land is mine

Phil Bradley raises more Facebook privacy concerns

Social Media Examiner wonders if the podcast is making a comeback?

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Mark Byron 10.07.12 at 11:08 pm

I’m not sure if Hannibal Lectern is quite ready for parole.

The closest we got in our Free Methodist church to anything political was a passing mention of the election next month with no other commentary attached.

Pastors are free to talk politics from the pulpit all they want; they just can’t get the tax breaks for charities if they openly support candidates. They can talk about issues with a Christian application all they want even under current law.

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