The other Nazi victims

by Richard on October 9, 2012

Martin Robbins exposes just why George Carey’s claims of persecution are so so shameful: Gay marriage ‘Nazis’ and the disgrace of Lord Carey. (I should warn you before you click that link. The article contains graphic descriptions of sexual violence and murder) However, it isn’t the descriptions of Nazi violence which clinch this argument. It is Carey’s implied superiority and exclusion of others which really demonstrates how far from the truth he is on this issue.

But perhaps Carey’s most disturbing remark was that eerily familiar question he posed: “Why does it feel to us that our cultural homeland and identity is being plundered?” The answer, Lord Carey, is that it is not your homeland, it is our homeland; and homosexuals are just as much a part of our identity as anyone else. The day we allow bigots to deny that, or to suggest that the emotions felt by certain people are somehow not on the ’same level’ as other human beings, is the day we start heading back down a dark and dangerous path.

I know I’ve said this before, but all preachers repeat themselves: Continuing complaints of Christian persecution in Britain are beyond ridiculous. They are, frankly, nauseating. Let’s have no more of it.

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Kim 10.10.12 at 8:06 am

A+ for post and link. Thanks, Richard.

You know there is an intelligent and unbigoted case (John Milbank makes it) for balking at the discourse of gay “marriage” while welcoming gay people into the church unreservedly and unconditionally and (sacramentally) acknowledging and blessing their unions. But then along comes Carey with his utterly odious remarks and his numerous supporters and you start to conclude that they’re forcing an all-or-nothing choice on the issue of gay partnerships — and if so, then gay marriage it will have to be.

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