Cheese Rolling

by Richard on May 31, 2004

Today is the day of Cooper’s Hill Annual Cheese Rolling and Wake, a strange custom which involves a group of people chasing a 7-8lb cheese down a steep rough slope. Injuries are common among the runners, who find it almost impossible to remain upright for the descent. Even spectators are not entirely safe. Being struck by a fast-moving cheese only sounds like a joke. But people enter year after year in testimony to a deep-rooted component of the British character. Where else could this take place? We may have lost our military and economic muscle, but we still produce the world’s finest cheese rollers. Makes me proud to be British.

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Jan 05.31.04 at 10:59 pm

What’s left at the end? Grated cheese and bruises?
Sounds fun.


Mark 06.04.04 at 4:16 am

One of the news networks here in the States ran footage of this event yesterday. Don’t let any Christian promoters here find out about it…soon they would come up with a “Christian” version of it: Cheeses of Nazareth.


Richard 06.04.04 at 10:58 am



frank the rabbit 05.31.05 at 9:32 pm

i thought a kiwi chick won it this year and last year. also a kiwi bloke won it last year. oh well

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