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by Richard on November 28, 2012

Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion: WND Puffs Unofficial “Sequel” to Mel Gibson’s Passion

The reason that the word “sequel” is in quotation marks is because the proposed film has no connection whatsoever with the makers of The Passion of the Christ:

…the makers of “The Resurrection,“ the unofficially dubbed “sequel” to Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ,” are building a grassroots movement – and looking for you – to help create a film that proclaims not only the love of Christ, but also His triumph over the grave.

Inevitably, it turns out that the opportunity to be a “spiritual producer” in fact means an opportunity to donate money.

Personally, if the film they’re intending owes anything to The Passion I’d be prepared to donate money to ensure that it isn’t made.

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Kim 11.28.12 at 7:50 pm

Make mine a standing order.
On the other hand, in the hands of Monty Python …

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