Compensation row at Doha

by Richard on December 5, 2012

At the UN climate talks, a delegate from the Seychelles tells it like it is:

“The Doha caravan seems to be lost in the sand,” he told a joint news conference. “As far as ambition is concerned, we are lost.

“We’re past the mitigation (emissions cuts) and adaptation eras. We’re now right into the era of loss and damage. What’s next after that? Destruction? Disappearance of some of our islands?

“We’re already into the era of re-location. But after loss and damage there will be mass re-locations if we continue with this loss of ambition.”

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Pam 12.05.12 at 8:36 pm

The antics of our politicians dominate the headlines, and TV news, in this country. Anything to do with climate change isn’t as ‘newsworthy’. It isn’t a priority for a lot of people - unfortunately.


Richard 12.06.12 at 10:26 am

Politicians almost inevitably take a short-term view of what’s important, and the media are more anxious about audience-share than truth. Sensible conversation about climate change is always going to be a struggle.

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