Positive discrimination

by Richard on December 11, 2012

With thanks to Bishop Alan (on Facebook) for the reminder. As he says, when this aired in 1982 it was farce. Now it’s tragedy.

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S. Wesley Mcgranor 12.11.12 at 10:50 am

Discrimination is an ethic.


Kim 12.11.12 at 11:45 am

More word-care, please. If the subtext here is the C of E synod vote against women bishops, tragedy is not the word to use. As Hegel and George Eliot observed, tragedy represents a conflict between right and right. But there was nothing “right” about the oppostion to women bishops. Visceral prejudice, grade-F theology, delusions about relationships with Rome, legalistic fastidiousness, whatever — what we had here was a conflict of right against wrong. And that is not tragedy. Rather, the synod played out a melodrama; or perhaps more precislely, a farce turned pernicious.

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