Piers Morgan is right, America’s gun laws need a radical overhaul

by Richard on December 27, 2012


There were 8,583 firearms murders in the USA in 2011, the equivalent of almost three Ground Zeros. It may take time, but for America the war on terror should begin at home by crushing their assault rifles not anyone, at home or abroad, expressing the voice of reason.

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Kim 12.28.12 at 9:27 am

Piers Morgan is right.

Great example of the broken clock phenomenon (or will be if he can duplicate correctness).


Mark Byron 01.01.13 at 1:58 am

CNN has been trying to find its niche, since hard news seems to be selling less well then the right-slanted Fox and the left-cheerleading MSNBC; some of us still like our news straight (or as straight as the news media gets) but not as much as in years past.

Morgan seemed to be an ill-fit to replace Larry King and seems to be getting headlines for being over-the-top anti-conservative as of late. I only know of him from his work on CNN, and he seemed an affable but lightweight guy prior to his swing towards the combative in the last few months.

It’s more the gang culture in the US that needs an overhaul than the 2nd Amendment, but gun control is a reflexive way to respond to tragedies like Sandy Hook or the Aurora Batman shootings.

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