A covenant prayer

by Richard on January 7, 2013

Having celebrated a covenant renewal service yesterday, today I’ve been pointed to John Wesley’s 1780 original. I can’t help sharing this extract from the prayer…

“And whereas I have formerly, inordinately and idolatrously let out my Affections upon the World, I do here resign my Heart to Thee that madest it; humbly protesting before thy glorious Majesty, that it is the firm resolution of my heart, and that I do unfeignedly desire grace from thee, that when thou shalt call me hereunto, I may practise this my Resolution:

- to forsake all that is dear unto me in this World, rather than turn from Thee to the ways of Sin;

- and that I will watch against all its Temptations, whether of prosperity or adversity, lest they should withdraw my heart from thee;

- beseeching thee also to help me against the temptations of Satan, to whose wicked suggestions I resolve, by the grace, never to yield.

And because my own Righteousness is but menstruous rags, I renounce all confidence therein, and acknowledge that I am of myself a hopeless, helpless, undone creature, without righteousness or strength.”

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James 01.08.13 at 8:47 pm

The church would be too squeamish to have ‘menstruous rags’ in its liturgy today!

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