The elephant in the detention centre

by Kim on May 20, 2014

I’ve just had another letter published in the British daily the i (May 20th). Maybe I ought to suggest to the editor that he gives me a regular column. Anyway, here’s my latest.


In having a grumble at Mark Steels’ superb Swiftian send-up of Ukip, Mark Taha insists that “We are an overcrowded country” (letter, 19 May).

But it’s not really about numbers, is it? The elephant in the detention centre is colour and ethnicity, isn’t it?

Otherwise why do we never hear complaints about all the Yanks, Ozzies and Canucks residing in the UK, over 350,000 of them?

Oops, the overwhelming majority are white and culturally like “us”.

Revd. Kim Fabricius

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Richard 05.20.14 at 10:36 am

A column in the i would be a fruitful use for a retirement!

Of course, the main point of your letter is true and troubling. All the rhetoric about this island being full stems from a deep-rooted racism that many politicians — not just UKIP, unfortunately — are only too willing to exploit.

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