New website gives children the chance to have their say in the Methodist Church

by Richard on August 25, 2005

The 1st of September will see the launch of a website dedicated to the children of the Methodist Church, thought to be the first of its kind produced for 0-12 year-olds by a major British denomination. seeks to give children a chance to have their say about what is important to them, both in terms of church life and wider social issues. There will be regular polls, finding out their opinions about issues such as what the government could change in schools and message boards so that they can discuss their experiences and beliefs with one another. Children can send in their pictures for display in the gallery, read an animated storybook, or explore ‘the Methodist Story’ online, but the website will also seek to address serious issues such as advice about staying safe on the Internet.

With thanks to the vigilance of the award-winning Dave Warnock

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Olive Morgan 08.26.05 at 12:27 am

From 0, Richard? That’s worth watching for! A very good idea, though, and I hope it flourishes.


Richard 08.26.05 at 7:58 am

But these are Methodist children, Olive — net-savvy from the moment of birth! ;)


Greg Wiley 08.26.05 at 12:50 pm

My son Euan was net savvy from the age of 2 (okay, so not quite 0), and is streets ahead of his peers in terms of computing skills. Okay, so it helps that we have a 2Mb broadband connection at home and the PC is on 24/7!

Interestingly though Euan doesn’t spend all day playing on it, like the media would have you believe kids would do. Because it’s there and on permanently he’s able to dip in and out when he chooses and often he chooses to do other things, like watch TV (doh!)

I’ll look forward to this site and add it to his link toolbar if it’s any good.


Richard 08.26.05 at 2:19 pm

Good to see you back at your blog, Greg!

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