Methocast #13

by Richard on August 30, 2005

Methocast #13 is up:

  • Hearts on fire controversy: Should the Lake Junaluska conference centre be hosting this event?
    Jay provides a very reasoned “yes”.
  • The difference between Baptists and Methodists
  • Heads up for a new project from Wesley blog
  • Brief introduction to some of the best of the Methodist blogs. (Somehow he managed to miss me out, but I don’t bear grudges.
    Well, not very much.)
  • Local church issues: New is hard; inertia is easier.
    (I seem to have heard something like that before)
  • Jay’s looking for feedback. Let’s see if we can’t help him get the conversation going.

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Bene Diction 08.30.05 at 8:14 pm

Am I the only one cringing now that ministers are discovering IPods and pod casts beyond the usual tech types?

I can’t pretend to understand why the sermon is perceived as the central core of the Sunday service.
As I see it, technology has made it a bit less expensive for church web sites to put their ministers sermon up.
So, if a church member misses a sermon, they can listen to it and stay in favour or believe they are caught up to their group. I’m sure the reasons to listen are as varied as the listener.

Minister bloggers (being cutting edge communicators) are happy campers.
Voice instead of text. What’s not to be happy about?

I’m already being spammed with this stuff - CD’s with sermons, CD’s with sermon material, links to sermons, links to sermon podcasts, listen to my podcast requests.
I’ve never signed up for any church or parachurch material.

Pod casting is being touted as the next big evangelistic tool, better, faster and easier and more effective than Billy Sunday discovering radio or Billy Graham discovering TV.
The technology is easier, but not necessarily less expensive and one more communication tool that will be overused by the church and underlistened to by the church attendees. Having it online brings a bit of transparency I guess.

I’d really like to know what the appeal is for the consumer and for the producer.

This isn’t feedback for Jay, I’m know he doesn’t need cynicism or skepticism, whatever he is attempting to do for his denomination should be addressed and applauded by his fellows.


Richard 08.30.05 at 8:37 pm

Let me put it this way. Ministers as a breed like the sound of their own voices. It’s an uncomfortable fact, but broadly true. The podcast gives us another platform, and it has more street cred than the pulpit. Of course we’re going to use it! :)

I don’t see it as a useful platform for sermons, at least not the ones I write for Sundays. They are always written with a congrgation in mind and I don’t know that they’d travel very well. Anyway, I’m not doing that. But Jay’s podcast (and my own more meagre faltering efforts) have been more like audio blogs and I like that. There’s something about being able to hear someone’s voice that enables a different level of connexion than just reading text


Dave Warnock 08.31.05 at 12:09 am

Personally I want to see the technology used in pastoral visiting. It could provide a really exciting new way to include the housebound, hospitalised and unwell members of the community.

The pastoral visitors could take last weeks podcast (includes service) around on CD as they visit and collect messages, prayers, scripture readings etc from those they visit to be included on the next CD (and maybe played in church as part of the intercessions or for one of the readings or whatever).


Jay 08.31.05 at 12:06 pm

Two things:

1) Richard I didn’t mention you because I didn’t have your wordpress site in my bloglines account. Did you switch recently because I have The Connexion, but somehow didn’t migrate to this site.

2) My reason for doing the Methocast has little to do with ministry in the local congregation and much to do with the situation among Methodist here in the states. The reality is that we have few places for conversation over the issues that divide us as a denomination. The impetus behind the Methocast was to create a space to promote and talk about what’s going on at the general church level. I’m not sure this would be necessary in the British church as you seem to do a better job of dealing with tough issues (the Pilgrimmage of Faith being one example).

I frankly agree that posting sermons is a general waste of bandwidth. While sermons are an aural medium, they are in fact also performance, with the visual element being important as well. If we are going to enter the podcasting arena think we need to do programming that is uniquely suited for podcasting, which is a bit more intimate.

I have to walk the dog, so that’s all for now.


Richard 08.31.05 at 12:53 pm

I changed to WordPress as recently as April 2004. :) But I was only teasing you know.

The methocast is definitely A Good Thing. Keep up the fine work.


Joel 08.31.05 at 8:35 pm


You might want to be aware that I sent Jay a polite, prompting e-mail touting your cause/blog after I read your post that referenced being “missed out.” I wasn’t teasing, though! I look out for the one who cuts me a monthly check, lost as they seem to be in the mail these past months.

I received a very gracious response from Jay. Anyway, his comment response here may have been motivated as much by my e-mail as by your post, not that you’re not a “wild and crazy guy” — I mean influential person.


Richard 08.31.05 at 9:51 pm

>> I look out for the one who cuts me a monthly check, lost as they seem to be in the mail these past months

I wondered why they were not being cashed… ;)

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