Brexit: How Britain voted

by Richard on July 6, 2016

OK, so everyone knows that Britain voted to leave the EU. The ‘headline’ is that 52% of those voting chose leave, 48% to remain. But as you might expect, the picture is more complicated than that. Lord Ashcroft Polls has some fascinating data, and though I’m naturally suspicious of pollsters, this has the ring of truth about it.

According to Lord Ashcroft:

  • 58% of those identifying as Christian voted Leave
  • 57% of graduates, and 64% of those with a higher degree, voted Remain
  • 67% of Asian voters, and 75% of Black voters, voted remain
  • 58% of those claiming little or no political engagement, voted Leave.

Since the vote, there has been a disturbing increase in incidents of racial hatred. Here’s the Archbishop of Canterbury speaking in the House of Lords:

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