Toby Young: unfit for office

by Richard on January 8, 2018

tweet1 tweet2 tweet3

If you were hiring a teacher or university lecturer, would you appoint someone who had posted the tweets above?

That’s what I thought.

But despite expressing her irritation at the language of these tweets, Theresa May still intends to appoint Toby Young to serve on the new regulatory body for universities, the Office for Students.

Young has attempted to redeem himself by deleting several thousand of his tweets, but that is completely missing the point: these tweets, and the many others like them, point to a lack of judgement and respect for others which renders him completely unsuitable for an office of this nature.

Green MP Caroline Lucas is putting forward an “Early Day Motion” calling on the government to rescind this appointment and she needs the support of other parliamentarians. I’ve asked my MP to consider signing. If you live in Britain, and you think Toby Young is unsuitable to serve on the OfS, please do the same.


Update: 9/01/18 Toby Young has taken the hint and resigned. It’s a pity that the PM wasn’t strong enough to give him the shove herself.

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