by Kim on February 14, 2018

We are made of dust, we are
Flying on every wind,
Blown to the back of the earth,
Stormed at, broken, defiled.
We are people of dust
But dust with a living mind.

Dust with a spirit, grace
Goes to the end of the earth,
Follows the dark act, the thought
Lying, wounding, distraught,
We are dust from our birth
But in that dust is wrought

A place for visions, a hope
That reaches beyond the stars,
Conjures and pauses the seas,
Dust discovers our own
Proud, torn destinies.
Yes, we are dust to the bone.

– Elizabeth Jennings

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Andy V 06.30.18 at 10:30 pm

This seems very appropriate today.


Andy V 07.04.18 at 8:37 pm

Rest in peace Kim.

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