Waiting for Rita

by Richard on September 22, 2005

As hurricane Rita gets upgraded to a category 5 storm, and thousands are evacuated from the Gulf Coast, the people must be feeling like Job today.

Let’s keep them in our prayers.

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Ivan the Crank 09.22.05 at 9:11 pm

Sitting here reading requests for aid for victims of Katrina both here and in the other Gulf Coast states, still needing to help the victims of Dennis and even last year’s storms, it is almost impossible to fathom that one more monster storm is about to ravage yet another part of our coastline. At least this time evacuations are happening and FEMA seems prepared, but do we even know what they are to be prepared for? It has been raining here in DeLand, Florida for days from Rita’s strong pull of moisture and we had a couple of dry days before her arrival after days of rain and destructive beach errosion here in Volusia and Flagler Counties and a lot more damage in North Carolina from dear Ophelia. If these storms are going to be a regular part of our lives for many years to come, living in a northern state with no beachfront property is starting to look mighty appealing. By the way, Rita has dropped to a strong category 4, but that was what Katrina was when she hit, so that is of little comfort. Do I sound storm weary? I haven’t even had to evacuate, board up or anything like that this year, but watching so many others do so, trying to offer help to victims of storm after storm and wondering when the next one is going to hit after Rita (we still have a lot more time left in the hurrican season) can make anyone weary and looking at real estate ads in Nebraska.


DH 09.23.05 at 4:53 pm

…and the mayor of Houston and the Governor of Texas also seems much more prepared in their statements of evacuation as compared to the Katrina response of waiting for Pres. Bush to do something that was a city, county and state issue with regard to evacuations. I also won’t even get into busses turned down by the mayor and the governor or Amtrak trains being denied by the Mayor or Governor. Or the mayor and Governor saying it is okay to go back to NO in the midst of the levies not totally repaired (a big job that takes weeks to months).

Thank god for the mayor of Houston and the Gov. of Texas responding so much quicker than the respective entities in LA from Katrina.

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