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by Richard on September 22, 2005

Wood is on a bit of a roll today: explaining why a. he’s a prostitute, b. he’s smug and c. he thinks the FBI’s war on porn is stupid.

It’s like putting an Elastoplast on a compound fracture: the surface grazes might heal up, but the injury isn’t going to go away.

Ok, the last one is from yesterday. So sue me.

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DH 09.22.05 at 7:24 pm

I think it is better as a moral statement to have the war than otherwise. The point of laws is not used for the sole purpose to “change people” (that is one of the purposes but not the only) but for a culture to say certain actions is immoral and not for the common good. For me if there are not laws on things that are actually immoral than the culture is basically saying the action is okay. That is what I think is also immoral, not saying something that is wrong as actually being wrong.


DH 09.22.05 at 7:26 pm

This is remenicent of the Israelites under the OT. (I know God’s laws particularly in the NT are both for individuals and for society as a whole I was focusing only on the “on the whole” part)


Wood 09.23.05 at 12:27 am

…and yet you’d protect a corporation’s right to have the freedom to sin?

I detect a double standard.


DH 09.26.05 at 8:09 pm

I don’t protect a corporations right to sin so there is no double standard. You fell for your owned preconceived ideas about me from my posts.

Please address only to what I said with no more “red-herrings” that are actually your overgeneralizaed preceonceived ideas about me

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