Saturday Sudoku - the solution

by Richard on September 27, 2005

By popular demand.
Well, Olive asked.

sudoku solution

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Olive Morgan 09.27.05 at 5:05 pm

H’m! A big improvement on my first effort - but at the expense of the time I should have spent on my housework or tidying my office.


Jamie Hollis 09.27.05 at 5:30 pm

I have been doing a number logic puzzle per day for the past year or so because I had remembered my love for them as a child. I had never tried sudoku, although I had been meaning to, until you posted it the other day. For those of us that want to try some that are more difficult, where do you recommend us looking?


Richard 09.27.05 at 9:23 pm

I like the puzzles in the Independent, Jamie. There’s a (usually) straightforward one on the back page, and 3 differently graded ones inside. I know people who speak highly of the Times puzzles too.

Olive - down despair! Tidying will keep!


Jamie Hollis 09.27.05 at 9:34 pm



Selina 09.28.05 at 9:09 pm

So near, yet so far!

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