Wilma’s Wild Ride

by Ivan the Crank on October 25, 2005

Sunday night we made room for both cars in our garage, brought in all loose objects and prepared for the fringes of yet another hurricane. Fortunately, here in our part of Florida, we only had to deal with near tropical storm force winds and rain, but no major damage. South Florida, including my old home town of Key West as well as Miami and other south Florida communities and Cuba and Mexico came out a whole lot worse. Calls are going out for teams to help out in effected areas, offerings will be received once again to help with relief and Wilma will be added to the growing list of natural disasters that have seemed to effect our world like rapidly increasing waves lapping at our very fiber. Those of us who have escaped destruction this year still remember last summer’s three storms. The constant call for assistance has begun to produce compassion fatigue, and yet respond we must. In the midst of all of this: storms, earthquakes, wars, droughts, political unrest and everything else that disrupts human and other life, we are reminded by the upcoming Advent season that one of the most powerful names of Jesus is Emmanuel: God is with us! May we never grow so weary that we forget that God’s presence and strength are always, always sufficient, ESPECIALLY when our own strength runs out. Nothing leaves more room for God to be God than when we can no longer handle everything ourselves. No matter what our current circumstances, good or bad, God is with us!

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Eugene McKinnon 10.26.05 at 5:14 am

Amen Ivan. I totally agree with you. We serve Immanuel.



Selina 10.26.05 at 8:25 pm



blonde 10.27.05 at 12:12 am

Lovely to hear from you, and that you’re alive and well. I’ve been thinking of your part of the world specially recently.


Sarah 10.27.05 at 3:26 pm

Amen to that!

It can be hard as a Christian to deal with these disasters, especially when you hear comments along the lines of ‘if there was a God why would He allow all this suffering’ etc.

We know that’s not the point, and that God IS present in the midst of it all, helping, healing and sharing love through us, His church. Thanks Ivan, for reminding us.

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