Theologian interviewed

by Richard on January 24, 2006

Jared Coleman interviews Miroslav Volf, principally about his new book, Free of Charge: Giving and Forgiving in a Culture Stripped of Grace. I’m a bit jealous, to be honest. Like Jared, I was very impressed with Volf’s “Exclusion & Embrace” - I’ll definitely be putting this new book on my wish-list.

via blogs4God.

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Kim 01.24.06 at 10:23 pm

Well spotted, Richard. Thanks. Book ordered immediately.

Exclusion and Embrace is one of the most personally moving, psychologically insightful, theologically astute, morally lateral-thinking and politically hopeful books on violence, alienation and reconciliation that I have read in recent years. I relish the arrival of Volf’s new offering.


Ben Myers 01.24.06 at 11:54 pm

I agree, Kim. Volf is a superb theologian. Thanks a lot for pointing out this interview, Richard.


Beth 01.25.06 at 12:50 am

Thanks, Richard - I’ll look forward to this. I found E&E absolutely excellent, too - thanks to Kim for having suggested it in the first place, too!


Turbulent Cleric 01.25.06 at 2:47 pm

Another going for this one.

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