The Climate Group Launch

by Richard on April 27, 2004

Oil Giants BP and Shell have joined with businesses, environmental campaigners and politicians in the UK to form The Climate Group, a consortium which aims to find ways of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by even greater amounts than envisaged by the failing Kyoto Protocol. The group, which is launched today, said through its Chief Executive, ‘Some companies in the oil and gas sector have done little or nothing, or seem to have lobbied against attempts to tackle the problem or are simply seen as part of the problem. Yet companies like BP have reduced emissions by 18 per cent in the last three years.
‘Prior to this there has been an absence of international leadership on climate change. The case for change is very compelling and this is no longer just an environment issue, but a social and economic one too.’

Whilst the involvement of oil companies in a group like this is just a little controversial, if it helps to persuade people in the USA of the urgency of global warming it will be well worthwhile.

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Mike 04.27.04 at 11:12 am

Hmmm, I may reserve my judgement on that one.

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