Grace? Amazing!

by Richard on June 22, 2004

via blogs4God I came across this version of “Arminian Grace”, a re-write of the popular hymn as it would be “if it was sung by an Arminianist”. The first verse will give you the flavour

Arminian grace! How strange the sound
Salvation hinged on ME
I once was lost then turned around
Was blind then chose to see

I’m sure it was offered in the spirit of that good-natured joshing that goes on between Christians of different persuasions, and in that same spirit I offer my own version as if it were sung by a Calvinisticist

Amazing thought! You call it “grace”
That saves and damns at whim?
That blinds the lost, condemns a host
And turns them into toast?

Tis “grace” like this that makes me fear
This “grace” my fear inspires:
Whatever I may think or do
I’m fuel for his fires.

The dangers, trials and snares I see
Are all illusory:
I’m either picked before I’m born
Or else, I’m history!

The Lord has promised naught to me
If I’m not on his list
If this is grace, how bad’s the curse?
I’m going to get drunk.

A bit of good-natured parody is OK I reckon — as long as we recognize that it *is* parody, and doesn’t really represent the nuanced thinking of those who hold different opinions to ourselves.


And my very sincere apologies to Mr John Newton.

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Wood 06.23.04 at 10:54 am

Love that last verse.


Doug 06.24.04 at 2:24 pm

Rather than be called a Calvinist, I prefer to think of myself as a Literalist.
Nonetheless, I appreciate your good-natured attitude toward this matter and am pleased to call you my brother in Christ.


Richard 06.24.04 at 5:16 pm

Good-natured? Certainly!

But I’m serious too…

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